Friday, December 15, 2006

Glenn Beck

“Glenn Beck's arrogance has caused me mental anguish and as a result I am in too much pain to write my exam”

It might sound like a joke but I could seriously feel pain in my head. Now I'm not one to usually write these kinds of things but this guy really got me riled up today.

Here is a guy with no higher education at all and yet with no experience in journalism or education in politics or history he has become a talk show host on the "supposed" news station CNN which is broadcast around the world and watched by millions. I am not one to criticize people who do not have higher education, I mean George Bush graduated from Yale for god sakes, what does that say about the quality of education?

However, when a person that is completely unqualified is allowed to wield so much power over the opinions and view of the world it is a travesty and speaks volumes about the news station CNN. They have thrown their journalist ethics to the side and embraced the style of news for maximizing ratings. Where providing a balanced survey of opinions are abandoned to fueling emotions of fear and hate. Just watch that Nancy Grace show, everyday she talks about babies being kidnapped and how it could be yours, about rapists how they could live next door, and then of course there was Glenn Beck’s doomsday clock during the summer which counted down the hours till the war in Lebanon led to the end of the world and of course his daily parallels of the Iranian president as Satan. (Watch the interview with the Iranian president from 60 minutes and you will see a very different view)

So no wonder depression is on the rise in North America, why the war in Iraq has continued after continual tidal waves of scandals, blood shed, lies and hypocrisy and why even usually anti-environmental economic analysts warn us about global warning yet the all knowing sage Glenn Beck preaches that all that environmentalism is just scientific mumbo jumbo resulting in a public reluctant to embrace drastic efforts to halt climate change. So in this age of easily accessible information do yourself a favour and do not watch CNN, for your own mental health.

Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm Backkkkk and tackling a big one

Hey well I know it's been a while but I figure my mind needs to do some venting, and boy oh boy I'm tackling a big one today. RELIGION, yup the big R word. Here we go:

To start this of I guess it's important to state that I'm of a Catholic background but have been an atheist for the past 6 or so years. So lets begin with why we love religion. Well its pretty simple, its gives us strength.

In this world of terrorism, natural disasters, loneliness, sickness and war people need something to believe in. As Karl Marx said "Religion is the opiate of the masses." Believers gain strength and peace of mind from being part of a large faith community and from believing that they are in direct communication with a greater being who has the power to alter their lives for the better. They have faith in God, and faith that he has a plan for them and that their lives will be rewarded if not on earth then in heaven. Sounds nice doesn't it, damn I know I loved it, I was a good lil catholic boy for the longest time, till 13 I suppose.

But what if there is no plan, no God watching over us, no reward of an afterlife, pretty earth shattering right. I don't wanna get into a philosophical debate about God's existence. It's really quite simple, the existence of God can never be proven nor can it ever be disproven. Therefore the only thing we can do is define God. Science is a tool for humans to define what God could be. For example anyone who states that the earth and universe was created in 7 days and that all of humanity originated from Adam and Eve deserves a dunce cap to be placed upon their head. Science has told us that God is not responsible for the creation of humanity and the earth. God however can be many other things, but the real question is whether he is part of our lives, is he/she? (to be politically correct God could be a women, I doubt that if God existed God would have a gender, if God were a she I bet she'd have a huge rack, hahahahahha, I'm just kidding) Anyways, oh God that took away all my credibility, I really was joking, oh well. So does God have an impact on our lives??

I always think of this, you know at award shows when crappy artists go up and say "Most of all I'd like to thank Jesus my lord and savior and God for his blessings." Well come on really, don't you think it's bit strange to believe in a God that would help us (us as in North Americans or Europeans since we are the wealthiest and most well of in the world) while families are blown to bits in Iraq by car bombs, while children and mothers are raped in Sri Lanka and Sudan, while Palestinian families are persecuted by Israel and while Israel families are in fear of another suicide attack.
I'm not someone who usually cries but imagine holding the dead body of your child in your hands, I think anyone who can't shed a tear for that has a heart of stone. Well this is the cost of war, is securing oil reserves worth it???
There is a bit or irony in praying to God about not failing your next test when you consider those things don't your think?? The only thing stranger then this is when people justify these things by saying that those people deserve it, a common example is how poverty is accepted in India by many because according to Karma the poor are getting what the deserve. Or people say God only helps those who ask for help, help themselves or who pray, doesn't sound like much of a God. If God were truly an all loving being wouldn't God help without request and not require our praise. And the belief that the poor in the world do not try to help themselves is simply a fallacy constructed by the media so that we don't feel bad that 2/3 of the world is less well of then us.

This is not God's world, it is ours, God has no impact on us or the actions we take, the state of the world is proof of that. In many ways the corrupt state that our world is in is partially due to the foundation based on the Roman empire/Catholic Church which is supposedly built on God's intervention. I don't really want to get into that, but its pretty clear that colonialism/imperialism were the beginning of the problems that plague our modern world and that the Church is responsible for believing that it has the duty to spread Christianity all over the world to save the savages and barbarians through conversion. This comes to another point that religion is very much a tool of those in control to exert hegemonic power over the masses. Throughout history those in power have claimed contact with God, whether it is the pharoahs who claimed to be God, Kings who claim to be God's chosen one or priests who claim to be paths to God or our good friend Georgie boy who states "God bless America" as often as he can.

Isn't it funny that the Roman empire embraced Christianity wholeheartedly only when they realized that if the empire were to survive they would need to control the masses of people converting to Christianity.

(This pic is funny too, ohh Ghost Busters, lol)

Now I'm not saying Religion is all bad, there definitely is a need for it. I think we need to be raised with some morals, because I'm a bit terrified of the children of the future gaining their sense of morality from T.V and the Internet as opposed to a religion. Also, religion is a conservative force in our extremely progressive culture, and lets be clear conservatism is not necessarily bad and progression can be bad. We are hurtling forward with new discoveries, new technologies sweeping across industries and revolutionizing the way we live our lives. Look at the pollution, the crime, the poverty, the social injustices, the inequity in incomes and our poor health both mental and physical. I think its quite clear that our society is changing faster then we can handle and its changing so fast that we can't even control where it goes, so maybe a bit of a conservative force isn't such a bad thing. I know it scares me that in 2 centuries it might be possible to achieve immortality through drugs, that cloning will be possible, that genetics will be our clay to shape our children into our visions of perfection, I don't think we're ready for that.

So if this world is so messed up, and there's no God, no afterlife, no one in our corner in our times of peril and suffering how can we possibly find reason for living and the strength to do it??

Well it's different for everyone, and I know sometimes it can be incredibly tough and depressing, for me I gotta go back to the basics. Family and friends are two of the most important things in reaching stability in life. Add to that finding a partner where real love can exist. In addition, giving your life purpose, instead of praying to find God's path, search out your own. For me that's contributing somehow to the world of science and hopefully ease the pains of this world by solving problems through technological innovation (even though most of the problems need to be solved through restructuring our society but that's not really my forte), trying to write beautiful music to inspire people and living a simple and yet meaningful life. And there is so much beauty in the world, in humanities creations of art/music/architecture/technology that I think humanity has the possibility within ourselves to be Gods.

1) Birds over Milan & 2) A bee in a flower, duh

But nature really is inspiring isn't it

3) Petronas Towers, sometimes man's creations can be inspiring too

So lets all "Come Together" and realize that there is lots of good and bad when it comes to religion and that our belief in it has a tremendous effect on how we view the world and therefore how we live our lives. We should be cautious of what we believe and always critical, is Religion indeed making you a better person by helping your fellow man and loving your neighbour above yourself or is it filling your head with ideas to continue the ideologies of the past??

Song of the Day:
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
I love Stevie Nicks voice, and I love the coolness of this song, my god, the ending is just brilliant and I swear this band is more punk then 1/2 of the shit bands covered with tattoos nowadays.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Na na na na, do da do do dew da

As you guessed from the title this update is about bad music. Wowzers there is so much of it out there, its astonishing when you think about it. Now frist we will define bad music, bad music to me is any music by 'artists' that don't write their own songs. So the songs might sound amazing and be exquistly produced but if it is written by someone else then it just lacks a certain authenticity, or even soul, there just isn't passion. I mean when you listen to a Britney Spears song her singing is belting out a song, just singing the words, when you listen to a Beatles song you can feel the passion, the emotion, the love the hate, it's all there. Now the thing is that pop music can be so damn appealing, its always so catchy and then there is the fact that listening to it automatically puts you in the loop with the rest of society. I find that almost all people all though from completely different backgrounds can always discuss pop culture. So crappy bubble gum pop music is the gum holding the fabric of society?? Well maybe not that extreme but to a certain degree definetely. But instead of focusing on the bad, lets look at the good. Pop music is a window into the underground scene and brings attention to lots of cool bands and artists that would normally never get noticed. Now although pop music has its downfalls and it blatlantly shoves sexual imagery down our throats and sterotypes of all sorts, its lacking musical talent and soul ("the baha men - who let the dogs out" as a perfect example, what a disgrace to music) it still has the possibility to be rectified. Pop music wasn't always so contrived and pathetic. I think once our culture gets our heads out of our asses we will realize what good music is really out there and that there is so much more to music than a pretty chick with barely any clothes singing to bass heavy beats produced by the neptunes. So with that I will say "I want you so bad" to come back from the dead John and George and reform the Beatles so that the world can hear your music again.

Song of the Day: Metric - Patriarch on a Vespa
Absolutely wicked canadian band, they just blow me away

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm Backkkkkkkk!!!!!

Hey, it's me again. Well I've been busy lately, acutally to be honest i was thinking of giving this blog up. No one seems to be visiting it. I think I gotta advertise it better. Anyways, today I'm gonna talk about beauty. I saw one of the wierdest things the other day. It was this site that documented the plastic surgery of this women. She has done so much plastic surgury that she looks completely different from her original self and no one would ever think they are the same person. Here's the link:

Now i must admit that she actually looks way better now than she did look before. (Look at the pic below, I was actually disgusted by my arousal, lol)

But really I mean, are people honestly that insecure about themselves that they would go through all that trouble just to fit some unattainable image. All though she does look good, she is by no means the hottest women I have ever seen. I know with me I think sometimes, gee I wish this was better or I looked a certain way. But at the end of the day I think what does that matter, I've got a good head on my shoulders and to me that's all that really matters. Yes in a relationship everyone wants to have a sexy partner. But, really physical attraction is just the bait, if there isn't any substance than the bait is useless. I saw this woman in the train last year, I sat across from her and had to stare at her for the entire 40min train ride. She had pasty white skin from all the make up, she was wearing all pink, a short pink dress, was in her late 40's, thin as hell and was absolutely disgusting. Yet, I'm sure in her mind she was the hottest thing alive. Now I'm not saying she is unattractive cause she is ugly, I'm saying she is unattractive from her makeup. You could tell she was just trying way too hard to look young with all that makeup and the dress and she would have looked 1000 times better with a no makeup and a regular dress. I know for me I couldn't care less how I look (Or maybe I'm just lazy). Most of the time I'm unshaven, dress kinda shabby, hair uncombed. But really, I just don't understand our obsession with beauty, yes we all want it, but you know what I was thinking today. I have this friend, she is an amazing singer, and to me that it an absolutely beautiful. To listen to her voice is more pleasuring than looking at some face. And this beauty will last for years and years. The beauty of the mind is another thing, I'd like to think my brain has moments of beauty every so often. There is so much more beauty in this world than simply the faces on our bodies. Remember when you were a kid and you mother said you were beautiful, well she was right, cause "Your Mother Should Know". I really didn't think i'd find a song to fit, lol.

Song of the Day: The Clash - Wrong'em Boyo, Lost in the Supermarket

From the amazing albulm "London Calling" and essential for any fan of music. These songs are really great though. Especially Lost in the Supermarket, its got this one line

"I wasn't born so much as I fell out, No one ever seemed to notice me, We had a hedge back home in suburb, over which I could never see"

Just always makes me think about my life and just a really great song.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

You just too good to be true
Cant take my eyes off you
you'd be like heaven to touch
I want to hold you so much
at long last love has arrived
I thank god I'm alive
your just too good to be true
Cant take my eyes off you

Umm, well those are the song lyrics from well a bunch of artists, it seems like everyone has taken a crack at this song. The original is either from a guy called Frankie Vallie or from Frank Sinatra, I'm really not too sure, and the song is of course, "Cant take my eyes off you". Well in my opinion it is truly one of the best love songs. You can just feel it in the lyrics and the music just reflects that caring and undying love while the chorus kinda shows the madness of love. Yes I know it's lame when people over analyze music but only if you overdue it. But, I was thinking, what really is there to live for if it isn't love? Nothing can come close to that feeling, yes nothing causes more pain but nothing causes more joy either. Just thinking about the person you love makes you feel like heaven, "Love gives you wings" as said by Mel Gibson from Conspiracy Theory which is actually a really good movie. But it really does, I mean, I can't really say I've been in love, I think what I feel for this girl I'm crazy about is love but not sure yet. When I think about it though, money, fame, everything I could possible want, world peace, healthy environment, a just and peaceful intelligent society, it wouldn't mean anything to me without someone to love. That's actually crazy when I think about it, but really, isn't that what it is to be in love, crazy. There is just something about that feeling that there is this person who cares about you more than anyone else in the world, they would do anything for you, they share your deepest secrets and you hold their's. Something about that trust, that loyalty, that caring, I don't know how anyone can say they wanna live alone. I know it seems nearly impossible to find, our society seems to be so pro love on the surface but underneath the surface it tries to destroy it with every ounce of strength. We're told to sleep around and be promiscuous, given the ideal image of a family that is so unattainable that it causes stress in our homes, our desire for money puts added stress on couples and our fears of our inadequacies caused by the media force us into shells preventing us to ever have truly trusting relationships. Yes, I know this sounds a lot like blaming people for all the failed relationships, but our society definitely does deserve some of the blame. Let me end it on this, I just hope love "doesn't pass me by". I know it's actually "don't pass me by" but close enough. If you haven't gotten it yet, I'm gonna try to end every post with a song title from a Beatles song.

Song of the day
Lauren Hill, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vallie, Muse, Damien Rice - Can't take my eyes of you
(Great song as stated for all the above reasons, try to listen to all those different versions, its pretty amazing to see how artists interpret songs and make it their own)

Yup, Pearls Before Swine again, I just love this comic strip, ok maybe not love, that would mean I care for it more than anything in the world. But damn it's really good. And, btw people really should stop using love for silly things, it really does take away all meaning away from the word.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mr.T You are my Idol, Seriously he is, Well kinda

Hey it's me again. From the title I think you know where I'm going with this one. Yup I'm gonna discuss the greatness of Mr.T. I mean he was B.A. Baracus from the A-Team and he was Clubber Lang in Rocky 3 but you know what else he is an amazing inspiration.

Look at the guy, he's huge, he wears gold chains, has a mohawk and that crazy ass beard. Now what is so inspiring about his strange appearance. Well its the fact that he stands out like crazy, there is no glancing over this guy. Your eyes are drawn towards him. In this society we're pressured so much to fit in, conform, be part of the crowd, slag in the melting pot and blend. You can always tell how relevant a term is to a society by how many other ways there are of saying it. Think sex, fucking, banging, procreating, making love, copulating, intercourse, screwing in the light bulb (never heard that one, really just me??)

Anyways, so back to Mr.T, this guy stands out, he has the balls to look different, to act different and be his own person. He's not a corporate spineless suit, he's not some pretentious artsie beatnik trying to fit in with other beatniks. He simply is Mr.T. Individuality is something we don't value nearly enough. Schools make us wear uniforms, at the workplace we all wear suits and we're what's apropriate and what isn't is crammed into us at an early age. TV & media fill our minds with insecurities about ourselves that make it easier for us to conform.

So I'll leave you with this, Mr. T pity's the fool that doesn't stand on their own two feet and stand proud. If you don't you'll always be "fixing a hole" that doesn't exist. Then you'll have put so much filler in that hole you'll have covered all the beauty that made you, you.
Does that make sense, I hope so.

Song of the day:
Bad Religion - Individual
(Absolutely amazing song from a superb album from an incredible band)

Friday, July 29, 2005

I Think I'll catch some ZZZZZ's (Zee definitely works better here than Zed)

Hey, well its the long weekend. Thats good, finally some rest. I could use some rest, we could all use some rest don't ya think. This leads into my next thought, the big rest, 6 feet under, sleeping with the worms and the big unknown. Yup, its a scary subject for lots of people who can't face their mortality. Assuming your like me and don't believe in life after death/God or heaven and that this is all we've got then it can seem even scarier. But, really when you think about it I think it adds a preciousness to life. If this is all we've got and you have that embedded into your conscienceness then I think people would care more about their lives. People would want to make earth heaven and be the paradise that heaven is thought to be. But, as long as people think there is something better after, or they think some god will fix our inequities, this world will continue to struggle. I'll admit though it is a tough cookie to swallow, our own mortality. But sad as it is, we are not gods. Even though many believe we are the pinnacle of creation in the universe except for God and would be crushed to hear otherwise.

Our cells live, our cells die, when they no longer can be replaced with accuracy we get cancer and die. When we are wounded and they cannot heal fast enough we die. When bacteria attack our cells if we don't have an immunity we die. Yes, I suppose one day it is possible to live forever. If you really think about it having a kid, writing a book, creating music, changing someones life are all examples of things that will give you slight immortality. But in the mean time, I will live this life like death is at my door, well maybe not that close, maybe a few towns over. So if there's someone you love tell them; if there's a dream you want go after it, cause there's no heaven to give it to you as a freebie. If you've never tasted tiramisu go have some and a chocolate cheese cake too. Cause there are ain't no "Strawberry fields forever".

Song of the Day : Rage Against the Machine : Bullet In Your Head

I know it's a bit hard to read:

Rat: Okay Moron, What are you doing now?
Pig: Its the bait club, Willie Worm, Gigi grub and Sven the Salmon Egg... We're planning out our club's future.
Rat: Well don't plan too much, Because I'm going trout fishing tomorrow and you're all gonna die. Bait: Suddenly the issue of where to build our retirement home doesn't look so pressing.

Oh yeah, this strip is absolutely amazing, Its called Pearls before Swine, trust me, go out and buy one of their books, nighthogs is the one i've got, its great, or just go to yahoo, then news, and comics for free ones. Ok see ya.